Eat dumplings together! Beijing City Commerce Bureau and post office consoled the new post of courier brother.

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Eat dumplings together! Beijing City Commerce Bureau, post office condolences to express the position of express brother.

2019-02-03 17:33. Editor: TF020 Source: beijing evening news

Tomorrow is the thirty year of the lunar new year. At noon today, the Municipal Commerce Bureau, the Municipal Post Office and the city express Association will eat the dumplings to welcome the Spring Festival with the representatives of the "express little brother" who are sticking to their posts.

Photo: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce

At noon, in the staff restaurant of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the first line couriers of Yan Li Gang and Shun Feng, postal EMS, Jingdong, American group, Suning and other enterprises in the city commerce bureau, they eat dumplings while chatting on Their homely dishes. During the dinner, Yan Li Gang had a detailed understanding of the family life, work and employment situation of every courier brother in Beijing, and listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions on the development of capital express.

Yan Li Gang said that general secretary Xi Jinping once again came to Beijing to visit condolences to the grass-roots cadres and masses in the capital, which fully embodies the general secretary and the CPC Central Committee's high regard for the capital work and the cordial care for the people of the capital. We are deeply moved and encouraged. In recent years, the city's electricity providers have maintained rapid growth, increasing from 12 billion yuan in 2010 to 263 billion 200 million yuan in 2018, an increase of nearly 21 times. In 2018, online retail sales increased by 2.1 percentage points, accounting for 22.4% of the total volume of the city's social network, a record high, contributing 79% to the increase in social zero, accounting for 4 percentage points and 34 percentage points respectively. The electricity supplier has become a new kinetic energy to stimulate economic growth, and express delivery is an indispensable part of the development of the electricity supplier. The daily handling capacity of the city's express is over 10 million pieces, with a peak value of 22 million pieces. These can not be separated from the hard work of the city's 110 thousand express personnel.

SF EXPRESS Tien Fang Road business station express little brother south of Qi Nan talked about the moment of shaking hands with General Secretary Xi, very excited. Qi Nan Nan said that general secretary Xi Jinping's concern and concern for him further strengthened his confidence in the delivery industry. In the days to come, he will work harder to ensure that every delivery is delivered to consumers in a safe and timely manner.

Yan Li Gang revealed that the next step is to fully implement the "three year plan of action to enhance the logistics industry in Beijing" in Beijing, strengthen the construction of the logistics base, improve the distribution of distribution centers and distribution centers, promote the high quality collaborative development of e-commerce and express logistics, improve the efficiency of distribution, and let the courier brothers run away.

Takeaway riders are engaged in ordinary work, connecting millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of users, playing their light and heat for the normal operation of the city. A survey has shown that the most urgent hope for users is the "right place to receive a meal address" and "in time to answer the phone".

Source: Beijing Evening News

Reporter: Sun Wenwen on duty: Feng Rui

Process editor: TF020

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