Measles outbreak in the United States! Beijing city disease control: recent visit to the United States should pay attention to personal protection.

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Measles outbreak in the United States! Beijing city disease control: recent visit to the United States must pay attention to personal protection

2019-02-03 15:34. Editor: TF008 Source: Beijing daily client

Washington state has entered a state of emergency due to a vaccination outbreak. Because the city will enter the measles epidemic season before and after the Spring Festival every year, many of the public are also nervous. Today, the Beijing City CDC said publicly that measles in the city has been at a low level in recent years. It reminds the residents who recently visited the United States that they should pay attention to personal protection.

Information map of measles vaccine Xinhua News Agency

According to the website of the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention, the United States announced the goal of measles elimination in 2000. Therefore, measles caused by imported measles virus is considered to be an outbreak. As of January 29th, a total of 37 confirmed measles cases were reported in Washington state, with a case age of 1-29 years, mainly in Clark county. The main reason for the outbreak is that some parents refused to vaccinate their children, resulting in the accumulation of immune blank population. At present, the state has introduced a bill prohibiting parents from refusing to vaccinate their children for non-medical reasons.

Beijing City CDC says measles is still a common respiratory infectious disease in most parts of the world, including our country. According to the epidemic rule of measles, the city will enter the measles epidemic season every year before and after the Spring Festival, and it will reach epidemic peak in 3-5.

In 2018, the incidence of measles in Beijing was relatively stable. The incidence of measles reported in the whole year was 0.51/10 million, significantly lower than the average level in recent five years. The reported cases were mainly adults.

All along, the city's children under 6 years of age free of charge three doses of measles containing vaccine coverage rate is maintained at more than 99.6%; 3-5 months per year for migrant workers free measles vaccination; other people who have a willingness to vaccinate can also go to the vaccination clinic at their own expense, and establish effective immune barriers in the crowd.

Before and after the Spring Festival, the flow of personnel is more frequent. A large number of people coming to Beijing and returning to Beijing after the holidays may cause the risk of virus input and spread locally, but the possibility of widespread measles outbreak is less likely.

The city CDC reminds the general public:

Measles is an infectious disease of the respiratory tract. It has a strong transmission power, and it is easier to spread in crowded environment and out of circulation environment. It is suggested that all kinds of patients who visit hospitals, especially children, should wear masks when entering clinics.

Timely vaccination is the key to the protection of children's health, so parents must take measles vaccine according to the appointment time. If the child is found to be vaccinated, it should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

If you find yourself or a child suffering from fever or cough and appear red spots and papules in the ears, neck, trunk and limbs, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible, take the initiative to go to the fever clinic and wear masks. If it is diagnosed as measles, it should be hospitalized or segregated at home according to the doctor's advice, so that the virus can be transmitted to family members or colleagues.

If there is a recent trip to the United States, people should pay attention to personal protection. There is a risk of infection for residents without history of measles or no history of measles vaccination.


Source: Beijing daily client reporter Liu Huan

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