Liuzhou municipal Party committee secretary of Guangxi City rebuked the city traffic bureau: the two months were too bad to give up the whole team. Late vision in northern Hebei

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Liuzhou municipal Party committee secretary of Guangxi City rebuked the city traffic bureau: the two months were too bad to give up the whole team.

2019-02-02 09:05 Editor: TF008 Source: Governor of Chang'an Avenue

The chaos of the taxi is serious, and the masses complain. The party secretary is angry.

Zheng Jun Kang

Yesterday, the Guangxi Liuzhou held the plenary session of the Discipline Inspection Commission. Zheng Junkang, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, gave the ultimatum to the municipal traffic bureau. It was difficult to manage the taxi chaos within 2 months, and the whole team was ended. And just last month, Zheng Junkang just started a real estate developer on the spot, causing a heated debate among netizens.

The governor of Chang'an Avenue noted that Guangxi's efforts to rectify the style of cadres have become a common practice. At the end of last year, the Beihai administrative examination and approval Bureau was dismissed from office just because it had neglected the masses.

On February 1st, the seventh session of the twelfth Discipline Inspection Committee of the CPC was held in Liuzhou. When talking about the construction of cadres' work style, Zheng Junkang said that the phenomenon of taxi refusing, loading fees and carpooling was serious, which made the masses complain.

It turned out that the phenomenon of carpool in Liuzhou was particularly serious. Passengers agreed to carpool to pay the fare, but the price was high. Zheng Junkang said on the spot, give two months to manage, if not effective, accountability traffic bureau.

"If the traffic bureau fails to control the chaos of the taxi again, it will take the whole team off and manage the people who dare to take care of it, so that the image of Liuzhou can no longer be affected." Zheng Junkang emphasized that we should focus on the strong points of pain and difficulties of the masses, and strive to solve the problem of violating the interests of the masses, so that the masses can feel the changes brought about by the construction of style.

The governor of Chang'an Avenue noted that Zheng Junkang had just caused a hot debate on the spot just because he was a real estate developer on the spot.

In December last year, Zheng Junkang held a forum to seek suggestions from all walks of life on the municipal Party committee's work report.

During the forum, a representative from the real estate industry proposed that the government should introduce a relatively positive policy to inventory. For example, when people buy third suites, they will release the loan policy so that they can digest the real estate stock and facilitate the public to buy houses for investment or rent.

As a result, Zheng Junkang responded on the spot and said, "the house is brought to live. I hope that everyone will have a house to live in." If the housing price is too high, everyone's money will be used to buy a house, so there will be no money to buy other things, and no ability to spend. Therefore, I am not willing to pay high prices at all. I hope you will bring down house prices.

The representative of the real estate industry replied, "we have already lowered." Zheng Junkang also stressed: not enough, I hope you all down a bit!

Zheng Junkang's position has aroused heated debate among friends. Many people said that they should praise the party secretary: the house is not fried, the more money there is, the poorer it is, the poorer it is.

Beihai municipal Party Committee convened a rectification work style to optimize business environment work conference

The governor of Chang'an Avenue discovered that Guangxi's efforts to rectify the cadres under severe pressure and great efforts have become a common practice.

Last December 13th, when the Beihai municipal Party committee of Guangxi held a work conference on improving work style and optimizing business environment, it announced the decision to remove the group from the municipal administrative examination and approval Bureau on the spot.

It turned out that at the beginning of the month, the Beihai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision sent a group of unannounced visits to investigate the relevant units. It was found that the city administrative examination and approval Bureau failed to monitor the government service hall. There were outstanding problems such as the ineffective working style of the staff, the weak sense of the masses, the unreasonable setting of individual windows, and the need for individual items.

Wang Naixue, Secretary of the Beihai municipal Party committee, said at the meeting that the problem of the unannounced visits was shocking. Some staff neglect the masses, let the masses queue up, work hours to play mobile phones, sleep, eat snacks, browse the work related web pages; the hall of proof is open at half past two p.m., and the masses who work in advance can only wait in the cold wind and cold rain, and the staff do not allow them to enter the door.

Not only did they drop the whole team, but Wang Naixue also demanded that he would conduct a thorough investigation and find out that he would not be tolerated.

The action of Beihai was praised by Lu Xin she, Secretary of the Party committee of the Guangxi autonomous region.

Not long ago, when Lu Xin society took part in the two session of the thirteen Guangxi people's Congress, he praised the way of handling and resolutely adjusting cadres who do not work properly.


Source: Chang'an Avenue governor

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