Wang Ning, a Tibetan cadre in Beijing, has made a new way to help the poor in Lhasa.

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Wang Ning, a Tibetan cadre in Beijing, has made new changes in Lhasa's "sports poverty alleviation".

2018-11-08 10:08. Editor: TF015 Source: beijing evening news

"In the future, Lhasa's marathon will be internationalized!" Wang Ning wrote this sentence in his circle of friends. It turned out that a group of foreign children asked the organizing committee to participate in the half marathon held in mid November in Lhasa, and regretted that it was too late to enter the Tibet letter. It is also regrettable that there has been a failure to participate in the first Himalaya bicycle extreme competition held in mid October. But before Wang Ning entered Tibet, it was hard to imagine that such a competition could come to the plateau one after another.

Wang Ning's research on the national fitness demonstration base, Qu Jingwei

Build: start a sports dream from a blank sheet of paper

Wang Ning is the director of the Sports Bureau of Lhasa, the eighth batch of Tibetan cadres in Beijing, and only one of the 80 post-secondary Tibetan cadres in the professional field. Pointer back to 2014, Beijing invested 760 million to build Lhasa Sports Center, ending Tibet's history of no large sports venues. At the opening ceremony, Wang Ning represented Beijing Sports Bureau. He did not think that he would set foot in the pure land for three years in the next two years. In July 2016, Wang Ning landed at the Gongga airport. The thin air first taught him a lesson. Even when he was born, he began to breathe in the plateau. The car crossed the Yarlung Zangbo River. In this plateau called "life restricted zone", a future sports dream was waiting for him to build.

In November of that year, when Wang Ning came to the sports bureau just listed, there were only three people on the job. He was appointed deputy director, and took charge of the sports business of mass sports, competitive sports, youth sports, sports industry, sports planning and sports lottery. "You know that in Beijing, this is a good job of several leaders in charge, and the sports business in Lhasa starts from a blank sheet of paper." Wang Ning is facing unprecedented pressure. He knows that the local mass sports development is not rich, people's enthusiasm for fitness activities is not high, the utilization rate of venues is low, no sports industry and other next step of planning, all aspects of waste.

"The road is as solid as iron, and now we are moving forward." Wang Ning is the only sports aid cadre in Beijing since the aid of Tibet. Many things are "breaking the land", but Wang Ning has not flinched. "In the land of Tibet, if you want to do something, you can make it!" For two and a half years, he spent only 9 days in the Tibet Autonomous Region. He stopped heating and stopped oxygen supply in the apartment of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and even when he returned to Beijing in the first year of Spring Festival, he chose to stay in Lhasa to do research.

Push forward: let sports be as popular as singing.

In the early morning, Potala Palace is like a monk dressed in red robes and stepping on snow mountain. Genius is shining. The people who come to pass and pilgrimage have been in an endless stream. After the cloth palace, there is a place where the water is clear and the forest is clear. Furuyanagi Ki, the blue waves are clear. This is Lhasa's famous Yuan Linzong Lu Kang. After 2017, it has another identity -- Lhasa national fitness demonstration spot. A block of rain covered the sky, filled with hot Tibetan people. They stepped, swung their sleeves, and dancers enthusiastically. "This is the place where people in Lhasa are turning their way, and now they are becoming the leisure places for morning exercises and fitness. This year we will dial 2 million to build fourth sky screens to ensure that the citizens have enough fitness space." Wang Ning said.

Two years ago, Lhasa had not seen such a picture. The single parallel bars hang the quilt, the fitness equipment bolts the yak, and the equipment is out of repair. This is Wang Ning's first impression of the national fitness program in Lhasa. When he first arrived in Lhasa for the first year of Spring Festival, he did not return to Beijing. Instead, he visited more than 20 counties and districts with a 60 day holiday. He realized that this is not a problem of inadequate funds, but that the local people have no sense of movement and fitness atmosphere.

Combined with the first-hand research materials, a plan for the national fitness regulations of Lhasa from 2016 to 2020 was released in the early part of the year. New fitness facilities were made to build up a "fifteen minute fitness circle". By the end of 2017, Wang Ning found that the utilization rate of public sports venues was in short supply, and the national fitness centers in counties and townships were gradually improving, and the fitness atmosphere was improving.

While promoting the national fitness program, Wang Ning brewed the idea of using competitive sports to promote fitness for all. As a result, basketball, badminton and other basic competitions continue, all kinds of sports activities in the city stretching the net. In March last year, Lhasa's first professional football team, Lhasa city voted football club was established. "You can imagine that in Tibet, Tibet, China, there are no matches in the professional arena. There are no professional football teams in 7 counties." Wang Ning University is a football professional, so he can not see such a situation. In September of the same year, the Chinese Football Association Amateur League home for the first time at the altitude of more than 3600 meters in Lhasa finished the race, the audience attendance rate of 13000 people, this figure even exceeds the number of matches in the stadium, Tibet TV live broadcast, and broadcast in Tibetan, the whole Lhasa City boiling. "Sports work is a category of great health. Sports performance is also a growing cultural demand for people. It is just like the demand for modern drama and concerts in modern cities."

In February this year, Wang Ning was appointed Deputy Secretary and director of the Party committee of the Lhasa Sports Bureau, and became the only major leader of the eighth batch of Tibetan cadres. After the successful foundation of all kinds of basic competitions, the fitness enthusiasm of Lhasa citizens was mobilized. Wang Ning thought it was time to hold a national games. In order to do well in this competition, Wang Ning went deep into the streets and alleys of Lhasa to find national sports events.

In a sweet teahouse in Lhasa, two elderly men in Tibetan robes are sitting cross legged at a square wooden table, enjoying the sweet highland barley wine while playing the wooden chess balls on the table with their fingers. When the ball entered the hole in the wooden plank, the people watching the war made a loud praise. They played Tibetan Traditional Sports known as "Tibetan billiards". Seeing a solid mass foundation, Wang Ning had a heart in mind. He used "bringing ism" into the city sports meet as a traditional sports event. At the end of April, the first sports meeting and national traditional sports meeting of Lhasa lasted for 17 days.

In the July regional games, the Lhasa delegation won the first prize in the medal tally and the total score of the group. The number of gold medals was second times two times. Previously, the best achievement of the Lhasa delegation was that the medal was ranked fourth and the score was third. To achieve such a result is an inspiration to the whole nation, and sports enthusiasm of Lhasa citizens is quietly gathering. Immediately after that, the first movement for the disabled began, and all kinds of events spread all over Lhasa.

Promotion: combining sports events with tourism

Sports is part of education. During his tenure, Wang Ning also hopes to promote youth sports. At the end of last year, more than 20 junior high school students were led by Wang Ning to take part in the 2018 National Youth's "future star" winter sunshine sports conference held in Harbin. In the snowfield football item, Tibet youth champion from Lhasa won the second group champion and first division runner up, which opened a new breakthrough for Tibet youth soccer. "I often find children who love playing football in streets and alleys in Lhasa. They are not lacking in talent, but lack of competitive platforms."

After 5 days of training in Beijing, Wang Ning took the children to visit the bird nest and the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee base. None of the children had ever been out of Tibet before they went out with Wang Ning. However, at the end of the game, a student had chickenpox and was admitted to the Harbin infectious disease hospital. Wang Ning had been staying in front of the bed to accompany him. He also had to pay for his own food to improve his food until he was discharged from hospital. At the time of the Spring Festival, he escorted the child back to Tibet and hurried home for a year before leaving for Tibet. Those 9 days of vacation were at that time.

For two and a half years, Wang Ning lost more than 20 pounds, his skin was black, and his forehead burned off. Half a year from the time of aid, Wang Ning took the time to improve Tibet's sports industry. "The characteristic plateau terrain is suitable for linking sports to the limit, combining sports with tourism, and making sports an entry to tourism." In the middle of October, the Himalaya bicycle extreme race started along the 318 National Road. In November 11th, the 2018 Lhasa half marathon was going to shoot and run before the Potala Palace.

Next, Wang Ning's work will focus on the sports industry in Lhasa, focusing on 11 international classifications: sports management activities, sports competition performance activities, sports fitness and leisure activities, sports venues services, sports intermediary services, sports training and education. He is confident: "sports in Lhasa will become a sunrise tomorrow."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: jingjingwei

Editor: TF015

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