Beijing releases the "double 11" consumer tips.

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Beijing releases "double 11" consumer tips. Special attention should be paid to these traps.

2018-11-05 13:14. Editor: TF015 Source: beijing evening news

The "double 11" online shopping festival is coming soon. The Beijing industrial and commercial bureau today reminds consumers that in the face of all kinds of low price publicity, it is suggested that consumers pay attention to commodity prices ahead of time and be vigilant against the consumption trap that first increases prices and then reduces prices. Before buying goods, we should carefully read the platform website and the promotion rules of merchants, make clear the scope of use of red packets, points and coupons, ask about the way of refund and freight policy, and avoid consuming disputes after they do not understand the promotion rules.

In addition, we should pay attention to the difference between "earnest money" and "deposit" for the pre-sale products. The goods paid for "deposit" must pay the remaining amount within the stipulated time, so as to avoid economic losses due to overdue payment.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yang Bin

Editor: TF015

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