Ma was not "bought" by the "richest man". The responsible person of Alibaba also made a clear statement. Late vision in northern Hebei

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Ma was not "bought" by the "richest man". The responsible person of Alibaba also made a clear statement.

2018-10-31 22:30. Editor: TF003 Source: Changan observation

Forbes recently released the list of China's 400 richest people in 2018, Ma Yun is the champion of 238 billion 740 million yuan. However, the richest man does not seem to "buy it". The Alibaba responsible person also made a clear statement: China does not need the list of rich people, and what is needed is the spirit of entrepreneurship.

People on the tip of Pyramid always get high attention, and the top of the list is much more eye-catching. But what is the focus of attention? It is often the home of the richest holder, who is on the list of the rich and the rich, and the lad of the industry is changing. People's Bagua psychology has provided impetus for some institutions to produce rankings without fail. To some extent, it also explained the helplessness in Alibaba's response.

It can be seen that many people still cling to the logic of "becoming a defeated king" and how much wealth they possess is the sole criterion for judging whether an entrepreneur is excellent or not. In fact, the success of entrepreneurs lies not only in creating material wealth, but also in their valuable innovative spirit.

In the process of steering a company, they sometimes find that business opportunities are not yet sprouting up. Sometimes they seek breakthroughs in internal and external difficulties. Sometimes they can see the crisis in the applause of flowers, and the spirit of facing challenges and facing difficulties and facing the unknown spirit of pioneering spirit can not be discussed in terms of money. "Ranking heroes" not only exposes the backward values of becoming kings but also does not benefit the conserving of entrepreneurial atmosphere. If no one applauded the world first, no People who are willing to sit on the bench, what about the innovation and progress of enterprises and the improvement of products?

Some time ago, the list of outstanding private entrepreneurs in the past 40 years of reform and opening was released. Among them, there are both the pioneers of new models and new technologies, and the leaders who devote themselves to the major strategies of the country. These people stirred up a spring of Chinese economy, which infects countless generations and becomes the backbone of supporting the development of all fields.

In recent years, China has made up 15 of the 18 new unicorns in Asia in 2017. In the past three years, China has added more than 4 new market players every day. China has become a recognized commercial soil in the world and is calling for more "tide makers". Therefore, it is necessary for us to rectify the social concept and provide suitable soil environment and adequate rain and sunshine for the growth of entrepreneurship.

"Market dynamism comes from people, especially from entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurship." This is the consensus of all countries in the world. To see the ability of entrepreneurs to create wealth, to publicize their valuable spirit, to respect creation and to encourage innovation, is the resource and foundation for China's continuous progress.

The End --

Writing: Bao Nan Jiang Zhongqi

Editor: rain Jasmine

Source: Beijing daily Changan observation

Process editor: RB003

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