Market rumors five "national team fund" has been liquidated by the board of supervisors: no reduction in the new vision of the North

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Market rumors five "national team fund" has been liquidated by the board of supervisors: no reduction in anti growth

2018-10-30 14:20. Editor: TF017 Source: beijing evening news

In response to the market rumors that the five "national team funds" have been liquidated, a spokesman for the securities and Futures Commission yesterday said there was a misunderstanding in the reports. The fact is that stocks held by relevant institutions have not been reduced but increased.

Photo taken: Zhang Yujun

Yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities were both low open, affected by the consumption and financial sector's pullback, stock index gradually declined, fell more than 2%, and the growth rate of gem fell in the afternoon. Chuan Cai securities reported that short-term multiple factors to suppress the valuation of the liquor sector, need to wait for economic forecasts and consumer data warmer, before we can welcome the valuation of the plate lift. The report pointed out that the recent superposition of multiple factors led to a sharp adjustment in the liquor heavyweights. With the disclosure of quarterly reports, there will be differences between the market and whether the liquor business cycle can continue. The collective institutional adjustment or passive reduction will magnify the index fluctuation of the liquor sector. China and Thailand securities food and beverage industry research team believes that next year's growth rate downward probability is larger, but the result is not a comprehensive decline but differentiation intensified, high-end liquor will not slow down, but the high-end will continue to benefit from shift upgrading.


Source: Yu Jian, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF017

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