The typhoon "mangosteen" triggered landslides and tunnel collapse in Philippines. 30 miners were killed in the north.

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Typhoon "mangosteen" triggered landslides and tunnel collapse in Philippines, killing 30 miners.

2018-09-17 13:38. Editor: TF015 Source: beijing evening news

16 days later, the Philippines military said that the landslide triggered by Typhoon "mangosteen" led to the collapse of a tunnel in a mountain area in northern Philippines, killing at least 30 miners. In addition, the number of deaths caused by typhoons in other areas of the Philippines has risen to 29.

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Emmanuel Salamat, commander of the philippine armed forces northern Luzon military region, said that in a tunnel in a tunnel buried in a landslide in the province of Burton, military rescuers found that 13 of the 30 miners were still missing, and rescuers were searching for it.

In addition, Francis Tolentino, a political adviser to the Philippine President, who is responsible for directing the disaster relief work of mangosteen, said the typhoon killed 29 people in other parts of the country. It is understood that most of the casualties were caused by floods and landslides caused by typhoons. The Philippine National Disaster Reduction Commission announced that the typhoon had caused 81 landslides in northern Philippines, and some major roads were interrupted. According to the Philippine government statistics, more than 5 million of Philippines residents were affected by typhoon, and about 130 thousand residents were forced to move.

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Mangosteen left Philippines on the evening of 15. As of 16 noon, 12 hours, all the wind disaster warning in Philippine has been lifted, but there are still some provinces and cities in power and communications are in a state of interruption.

Philippine President Duthel Te took the opportunity to inspect the part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the province where he had been hit by the high altitude. He also expressed sympathy to the affected people at the press conference held later. He said the government is doing its best to provide disaster relief and will give full support to the people affected by the disaster.

As one of the most frequent typhoon disasters in the world, Philippines has encountered about 20 typhoons per year. In 2013, the super typhoon "Haiyan" hit Philippines, killing more than 6000 people, missing more than 1700 people and causing millions of people to suffer.

Source: Beijing evening news Zheng Xin Yuan Mengchen, according to Xinhua News Agency

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