Fangzhuang, Beijing, "Life era" before the road has been stopped full car, today's storage office has special guidance north new vision.

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Fangzhuang, Beijing, "Life era" before the road has been stopped full vehicle, today's parking lot has special guidance.

2018-09-13 11:45. Editor: TF008 Source: beijing evening news

In August 1st, the 4 edition of the newspaper reported that the front door of Fangzhuang's "Life" shopping center was occupied by all kinds of non motorized vehicles. This week, reporters once again came to the door of Fangzhuang's "Life shopping mall" and found that all previous problems had been solved. The travel of nearby residents was much more pleasant than before.

Non motorized vehicles on the sidewalk before renovation

Reporters at the scene saw that at that time, all kinds of bicycles and electric cars were stopped on the sidewalk, and pedestrians were forced to rush on the roads and vehicles. Instead of empty prompts, parking tips and two new parking spaces in shopping centres. On the sidewalk, the words "forbidden to park motor vehicles" are written on orange paint, and the warning lines that are pulled up by cone barrels are very eye-catching. Most of the non motorists, including consumers, takeaway delivery staff and shopping center employees, follow the prompts to park their cars in the newly opened parking lot in the shopping center. In addition, in the vicinity of the sidewalk, there are shopping center staff wearing red sleeves. Whenever anyone tries to ignore the hint and plans to park the car on the sidewalk, the staff will take the initiative to dissuade and guide the owner to park the car to the parking lot.

After renovation

Reporters from the Fangzhuang regional office learned that from August 2nd, the office began to coordinate shopping centers, shared bicycle companies and transportation departments to increase the intensity of the regulation of non motorized vehicles. The vehicles on the sidewalk of shopping centres were significantly reduced. However, because the non motor vehicle parking area set up on the east side of the Plaza can not meet the parking demand of shopping residents, some shopping residents still park vehicles and shared bicycles on the sidewalk on the east side of the door.

To this end, in August 14th, the office again coordinated the relevant units to take further measures: first, the shopping center should expand the area of non motor vehicle parking area on both sides of the East and West, and build a bicycle parking shed to meet the parking demand of consumers; two, increase the parking administrator, expand the control area of the shopping center, strengthen the parking management of vehicles, guide the masses to park the vehicles in the designated area; three, talk about "hungry", "American group" takeaway catering companies, strengthen the management of the delivery staff, open up the centralized parking and waiting area for the catering staff, and four, focus on maintaining the area by the sharing single car company, and carry away the shared bicycle on the sidewalk in time. At the same time, we urge Fangzhuang "era Life" to strictly carry out the first three package responsibilities, strengthen daily inspection and guidance, set up non motor vehicle parking area, facilitate customers to park vehicles, strengthen organization and coordination, strengthen service management and share bicycle management.

Nearby residents have thumbs up about the store's establishment of the parking lot. "Now the roads are much more comfortable. They do not have to walk in the driveway, nor are they being hurried by the harsh ringing of cars behind them."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu and Wen he

Editor: tf008

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