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Beijing Daxing Yunlong home fitness equipment "sick" job western city, national garden area children's slide hidden danger

2018-08-28 11:58. Editor: TF008 Source: beijing evening news

After the sweltering summer heat, the temperature at night is very suitable for outdoor exercise. In the daytime and after supper, people in the community and in the park exercise more. These outdoor fitness facilities include walking equipment, rowing machines, parallel bars and other fitness equipment, including children's favorite slides and other entertainment facilities. Citizens found that many places of fitness equipment had undergone varying degrees of aging and damage, and need timely maintenance.

Children's slide damaged in the national garden area is about to be updated.

The damaged slide is about to be updated.

"It took about half a year for these facilities to fall apart. It's too unsafe." In recent days, Mr. Tian told 12345 that there were many entertainment facilities specially designed for children in the fitness area of Xicheng District country garden. These equipment and facilities had been worn to varying degrees, and the relevant departments were expected to be replaced in time.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the country garden area to see that these children's entertainment facilities are new and old, some seem to have just been set up soon, others seem to have a sense of age. The surface of several amusement facilities like Trojan horses is shedding seriously, and the underneath springs are also rusty. Walking along the trail of the little square, dozens of meters away. A badly damaged plastic slide is stacked in front of a flower house. The nearby staff confirmed that the slide was demolished two or three days ago from the small square. "It's too bad. It's not safe for children to play again."

Reporters contacted Mr. Tian, who recalled that the children's slide in the district was installed about six months ago. After less than half a year, the damage is already quite serious. The handrails of the slide "opened their mouths", and some joints also appeared loose. This situation lasted for about two months. He was worried that the children would be in danger, so he hurried to reflect it to 12345. "The feedback is coming soon. The slide was demolished two or three days ago. It should be replaced." In addition, Mr. Tian also mentioned that there is a street lamp on the small square of fitness, but the light is shining on the road. The light in the fitness area is still dark, hoping that the community can help improve it.

Subsequently, the reporter learned from the Xinjiekou Street office that the children's entertainment facilities with hidden dangers in the district have been stopped. The street is now in contact with manufacturers to customize new facilities. After the completion of the related processes, these facilities will be updated soon. In addition to children's entertainment facilities, the streets are also concerned about other fitness equipment in the community. After checking them, they also found that some equipment needed to be repaired and replaced. "The appearance of the new equipment may not be the same as the original one, but the function and fitness effect are completely guaranteed."

These fitness equipment is still ill.

Residents who live in Yunlong home in Daxing District also call 12345, reflecting some recent aging and damage to some fitness equipment in their own communities. The aging of fitness equipment makes it difficult for residents to use it, and the damaged equipment is a potential safety hazard.

Broken body-building device in Yun Long home area

Yesterday afternoon, reporters in Yunlong home see that the fitness equipment distributed in the community square has varying degrees of loss, skew, paint and other damage. The equipment that should be exercised easily has been in such a situation that the residents are somewhat less comfortable to use. A sports resident is also complaining: "this walking instrument, the paint on the handrails has all dropped off. One hand is the rusty smell of one hand, and the squeak noise is loose."

In addition to aging equipment, some fitness equipment has also been damaged. The reporter saw that another ramble instrument on the square had rusted, and one of the pedals had disappeared, leaving only a bare iron bar. On the side of the stroll is the area for children to play, rope skipping, and slide. Some children occasionally come to these damaged and aging equipment.

Similar situation in Fengtai District and Yidong comprehensive fitness square also exists, residents call 12345, hope that the equipment in the square can be maintained and promoted.

Reporters came to Yidong and found that fitness equipment here did appear "lack of arms and legs" situation. For example, the waist massager, the roller used to massage the waist has disappeared, leaving only an empty seat. The waist Twister on the side is also covered with rust. The turntable on the foot is always making harsh frictions, which is very laborious. In addition, some leather handles on the handle have disappeared.

However, the fitness equipment in the square is still in service. However, due to the aging and damage of these equipment and the cold and clear area in the fitness area, occasionally someone will come here before the exercise and do warm-up exercises with the leg press.

Community fitness equipment needs upgrading.

Reporters noted that this year people are frequently concerned about the damage of community fitness equipment. According to statistics, from the "Fitness Day" of August 8th this year to August 20th, the public concentrated on 12345 of the city's Emergency Relief Service Center, reflecting 126 related questions. According to the analysis of the industry, the damage and rust problems of fitness equipment reflected by the public are serious, and the extreme weather of this summer is not ruled out. But in the final analysis, fitness equipment in many areas is relatively long. Reporter survey found that in many places, fitness equipment signs, all have specifications and years of service. Most fitness equipment has a life span of 8 years, but the production date is not detailed. After 20 and two spaces, the production date can only be judged after 2000. Through four enquiries, residents said that the equipment may have been "overdue".

Some residents remind that compared with the equipment in the gymnasium, the aging and wear degree of outdoor fitness equipment will be even more serious if the wind and rain are applied every day. From this point of view, when using outdoor fitness equipment, the condition of the equipment is even more important.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Chen Shengyu Wen and photo

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