Beijing Shuangqiao Farm bus station is filled with garbage: no one has cleaned up for many days or the new vision for the morning market.

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Beijing Shuangqiao Farm bus station is filled with garbage: no one cleaned up for many days or caused the morning market.

2018-08-07 10:34. Editor: TF011 Source: beijing evening news

5 days ago, the rubbish left at the Shuangqiao Farm bus station was still uncleared, and the smell of the smells was so unacceptable to the public. Some citizens also find that although there are sanitation workers passing by here every day, garbage has not been cleaned up yet.

Shuangqiao Farm bus stop

This morning, the reporter came to the Shuangqiao Farm bus station. The garbage was placed on the east side of the road, and there were many people waiting for the bus every morning. The existence of the rubbish made them cover their mouths and noses. The garbage is mainly made of rotten vegetables and some takeaway boxes, which emit some peculiar smell in the sunlight.

"It's been several days. I don't know why nobody cleaned up." Nearby residents told reporters. Where does this pile of garbage come from? Nearby residents told reporters that there was a morning market near the station, which was part of the garbage produced by vegetable producers in the morning market.

There is another notable phenomenon. Every day there are some sanitation workers coming and going, cleaning nearby is very clean. Some citizens feel that since garbage is related to the morning market, should they notify the urban management department? "No matter where it is, only hope that the rubbish will be cleared up as soon as possible." A citizen waiting for the bus said so.

Source: Zhang Qunchen, Beijing evening news reporter

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