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North late new visual network is sponsored by the Beijing evening news network new media, its visual information form to expand exploration of traditional media in the development of the new media era, people read the Beijing evening news online. According to the needs of career development, website community oriented recruitment agency and the new media editing, data editing, video editing.

The recruiter will sign a labor contract with the Beijing North late new visual media Co. ltd..

Look forward to aspiring entrepreneurs, the common development of young people to join.

Position: recruiting website - Intern (salary: internship allowance)

Job responsibilities:
1. assist website visual data, including finishing retouching, and simple text editor;
2. helped write and implement the program of activities, to participate in the activities of web hosting;
3. according to the assigned task on time according to quality and quantity to complete the work plan.
1. news, Chinese, network media, photography and other junior and senior students, with strong ability can be relaxed to learn professional requirements;
2., proficiency in Word, Excel, Photoshop and other software, have good writing skills;
3. with a sense of responsibility, hardworking, sincere steadfast, conscientious and meticulous.
4. internship internship period from now on, 2 months or more (not less than a week working time: 4 all day long);

Position 2: social media - New Media Editor (WeChat, micro-blog etc.) (salary: Negotiable, five social insurance and one housing fund)

Job responsibilities:
1. responsible for the official micro-blog, WeChat and other social account management, including daily content publishing and maintenance, the reply message, private letters to interact with the fans;
2. through online interactive activities planning, effective operation method, improve WeChat, micro-blog influence fans activity, enhance the interaction with users, promote brand image;
3. is responsible for the development of micro-blog, WeChat business strategy implementation, and implementation of interactive marketing activities, with the company's overall publicity and brand communication;
4. the development of new media resources cooperation, develop new business, new mode;
Other work assigned by 5.

1. on micro-blog, WeChat, and skilled use of watercress, forums and other types of social media;
2. have strong copywriting skills and ability to plan activities;
More than 3.1 years related working experience, large enterprise social media operation experience is preferred;
4. familiar with the operation of various types of image processing software is preferred, familiar with preferred to photography, visual art;
5. media resources will be priority considered, including web site editor, grassroots reds, Hot Blog, forum moderator etc.;
6. news touch sensitive quick thinking, attention, trend information and innovation spirit;
7. has a keen fashion sense, can grasp the trend of the new focus, and good at using social media tools to share and spread;
8. tough character, quick thinking, good communication ability, strain capacity and bearing capacity;
9. holds a full-time position Beijing Hukou is preferred, no age limit, Gender;
10. welcome graduates resume.

Position 3: News Network News Edit (salary: Negotiable, five social insurance and one housing fund)

Job responsibilities:
1. responsible for the daily news;
2. of the planning and implementation of news;
3. according to the news reports, making relevant thematic characters.

1. honest, disciplined, serious and responsible work, has the dedication;
2. innovative consciousness and ability, a strong sense of team;
3. have a keen sense of news, familiar with the characteristics of the network news media, news editing, information screening ability;
4. of network editors have insights, strong written and writing ability;
5. can independently complete the project planning and creative writing;
6. good communication skills;
7. bachelor degree or above (outstanding person can relax to a college degree), familiar with photography is preferred, Chinese, journalism is preferred;
8. holds a full-time position Beijing Hukou is preferred, no age limit, Gender.

Post 4: Technology - PHP Engineer (salary: 8K~10K, five social insurance and one housing fund)

Job responsibilities:
1. daily project:
1) responsible for the maintenance and development of the website
2) the daily project bug processing and technical support
2. cooperate with other departments to the needs of the company development and Application
The Department in charge of 3. to complete the assigned work

1. honest and reliable, strong sense of responsibility;
2. bachelor degree or above, graduated from computer or related majors, 2 years experience in PHP development;
Proficient in 3. environment in the development of LAMP application;
4. proficient in PHP development language, familiar with object-oriented software design method;
5. be familiar with ThinkPHP, CI, YII framework;
6. HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery and other skilled web design language;
7. on the Internet and Web technology products have a strong interest, have good learning ability and strong spirit of enterprise;
8. analysis with good communication skills and team spirit, excellent and problem solving ability;
9. has the following capabilities is preferred:
1) proficient on WordPress and discuz two development;
2) have good coding habits;
3) MySQL database optimization experience;
4) WeChat public platform development experience (or other public platform development experience);
5) high working efficiency.

Contact information:
1. special recruitment mailbox: takefotozp@sina.com;
2. electronic mail subject and resume file name format: Name + position;
3. contact: Ms. stone;
4. telephone: 85201651;
5. address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District Jianguomen Avenue No. 20 room 205 of Beijing daily;

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