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The visitors before accepting this site, please be sure to carefully read the terms and agree to this statement. No matter whether you carefully read this statement, as long as you landed North late new vision network and directly or indirectly through release in late Northern New Visual Web pages, or use the information on this site, as you have read and agree to.

  1. North late New Vision Network commissioned by the Beijing evening news, Beijing evening news management department only text, visual assets. The North night vision network published new information, all marked "north new vision" pictures and source text, "Beijing Evening News" for North late new visual copyright, for reprint consent in writing of the network.
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  3. North night vision net new part information from the network reproduced, with news or information of public information sharing for the purpose of use, does not mean that the authenticity of the agree with their views or confirm the content, does not mean any suggestions of this network. Like other media, web site or download from the personal use, must be retained the indication of "source" and bear the legal liability of copyright. If there is doubt about the content of the works, please contact us.
  4. Other sources of the web information as much as possible to indicate the source and author. But because of the particularity of network information communication, can be associated with each author or picture portrait, some works may not be able to confirm the original author or portrait and yet to indicate the source, do not deliberately violated the original author or copyright right of portrait rights. If you think this net reprint content involves the infringement, please contact us, this site verification will be treated as soon as possible.
  5. North late new vision network is committed to providing reasonable, accurate and complete information, but because of the particularity of network information, we do not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of rationality, reprint information, and not because of any loss or damage information reproduced unreasonable, inaccuracies or omissions caused by responsibility. All information and pictures for reference only reproduced in this website, do the transaction and service according to the network information such as their own use deviation, this site does not bear any responsibility.
  6. As any hacker attacks, virus outbreak or because of government regulation caused a temporary close to affect the normal operation of network force majeure caused by the loss of this website all exemption.
  7. Other sites linked to this website and web content is not controlled by this website, this website is not responsible for its content.
  8. This site as a result of system maintenance and upgrades to suspend service, will announce in advance. If the line and the company control outside the scope of a hardware failure or other force majeure caused suspended loss or inconvenience caused to suspend the service period, this site does not bear any responsibility.
  9. Users of this site in violation of the laws and regulations of People's Republic of China or the statement of the provisions of all the consequences of the use of this website information content, by themselves, this site does not bear any responsibility. Such as unauthorized tampering with the source for this website, this net will investigate its legal liability in accordance with the law, disputes resulting from the third occurrence of the full responsibility.
  10. This statement does not involve the problems refer to relevant laws and regulations of the state, when the statement and the state laws and regulations conflict with national laws and regulations shall prevail.
  11. We have reservations at any time to change the site of copyright and disclaimer clause.

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