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About us

North late new vision belong to Beijing North late new visual media Limited, Beijing evening news hosted the new Internet media, Beijing evening news official website.

The website registered in February 2009, January 2010 officially launched, Beijing Evening News readers, users online interaction platform.

The urban visual news website, "the painting" inventory of old Beijing, visual way to "live" new city. North late new visual network Beijing Evening News published 50 years first in the field of Internet products; at the same time, the network has become the Beijing city media sponsored website, first to the visual information based news website.

North late new visual network content:

1. by the Beijing evening news to millions of pictures, pictures and charts for the layout of newspaper resources provides a visual product search service; provide visual asset management services for a newspaper.

2. North late new vision to the public network promotion content rich pictures, pictures, charts, and other visual and interactive video product information service.

3. North late new vision network and Beijing evening news media available together, exchange of complementary, become pure visual Web News + magazine information.

4. North late New Vision New Vision Forum, photography enthusiasts online paradise.

Five The network advertisement promotion, with planning and project activities. (Fees)

Six VIP membership service Free charge, reading articles and other member services. (Fees)

The North night vision network Chinese new domain name: "a new vision of the late"

The North night vision network English new domain name: Www.138490.xyz